Websites Mockups

We start with a mockup of your website design to present to you. We continue to work on the design with you and provide expert advice. Our work is geared towards a result you can be happy with.

Banners and slides

Banners, images and slides are matched to the design of your website. It makes it easier for customers to find what you are offering them and gives an overall consistent feel to your business.

Social sites profiles

Social media is an important tool for communication with your customers. A well-designed profile promotes a good image and improves trust from your customers. GreenWebBuzz.com understands the value that a high quality social media profile can provide to your company. This is included as a bonus communication tool. We can design profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and more.

Ebay and Amazon store design

Does your business target customers on Ebay and/or Amazon? We have your back! Let us know and we can customize your store in the best possible way to increase those sales by making their shopping experience a breeze.